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From the Shelves

A selection of recent books by faculty.

Brooklyn College faculty contribute to the school’s vibrant intellectual life through prodigious writing.

Attendees at the annual book party gather in the library.
Attendees at the annual book party gather in the library.

Here’s a round-up of many of the books from our faculty in 2022 and early 2023. The topics are as varied as they are intriguing. Many of these authors were celebrated at an annual book party held at the Brooklyn College Library in the spring.

Konstantinos Alexakos and Kenneth Tobin eds., Contemplative Practices for Sustaining Wellness: Priorities for Research and Education. (Brill, 2022).

Eric Alterman, We Are Not One: A History of America’s Fight Over Israel. (Basic Books, 2022).

Swapna Banerjee, Fathers in Motherland: Imagining Fatherhood in Colonial India. (Oxford University Press, 2022).

Swapna Banerjee, Mapping Women’s History in Colonial and Postcolonial India. (Stree-Samya, 2022).

Edward Birzin, Javier Abarca, and Matthias Hübner eds., TAG: Name Writing in Public Space. (Possible Books, 2022).

Matthew Burgess, illustrated by Evan Turk, The Red Tin Box. (Chronicle Books, April 2023).

Benjamin Carp, The Great New York Fire of 1776: A Lost Story of the American Revolution. (Yale University Press, January 2023).

Constantin Cranganu, Climate Change, Torn between Myth and Fact. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021).

Paisley Currah, Sex Is as Sex Does: Governing Transgender Identity. (NYU Press, 2022).

Jennifer E. Drake and Ellen Winner, The Child as Visual Artist. (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

Ann Gotlib ed., Responses to a Pandemic: Philosophical and Political Reflections. (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2022).

David Grubbs and Manuel Mota, Na Margem Sul. (Room40, 2022).

David Grubbs and Jan St. Werner, Translation From Unspecified. (Blue Chopsticks, 2022).

Alexandra Juhasz ed., My Phone Lies to Me: Fake News Poetry Workshops As Radical Digital Media Literacy Given the Fact of Fake News. (Punctum Books, 2022).

Jerome Krase and Judith N. DeSana, COVID-19 in Brooklyn: Everyday Life During a Pandemic. (Routledge, 2023).

Yana Kuchirko, Sara P. Alvarez, Mark McBeth, Meghmala Tarafdar, and Missy Watson eds., Literacy and Learning in Times of Crisis: Emergent Teaching Through Emergencies. (Peter Lang, 2022).

Lauren Mancia, Meditation and Prayer in the Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Monastery: Struggling towards God. (Arc Humanities Press, 2023).

Veronica Manlow, Mark Bloomfield, Shaun Borstrock, and Silvio Carta, Crafting Luxury: Craftsmanship, Manufacture, Technology and the Retail Environment. (Intellect Ltd, 2022).

Immanuel Ness ed., Platform Labour and Global Logistics: A Research Companion. (Routledge, 2022).

Immanuel Ness and Anita Hammer eds., Global Rupture: Neoliberal Capitalism and the Rise of Informal Labour in the Global South. (Brill, 2023).

Brigid O’Keeffe, The Multiethnic Soviet Union and Its Demise. (Bloomsbury, 2022).

Ian Olasov, Nancy McHugh, and Lee McIntyre eds., A Companion to Public Philosophy. (Wiley Blackwell, 2022).

Archie Rand and Lewis Warsh, Single Occupancy. (Cuneiform Press, 2022).

Sara Reguer, Onto Center Stage: The Biblical Woman. (Cherry Orchard Books, 2022).

Viraht Sahni, Schrödinger Theory of Electrons: Complementary Perspectives. (Springer Nature, 2022).

Carolyn Wiebe and Susan Maushart eds., Christine L. Nystrom, The Genes of Culture: Towards a Theory of Symbols, Meaning, and Media, Volume 2. (Peter Lang, 2022).

Noson S. Yanofsky, Theoretical Computer Science for the Working Category Theorist. (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

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