Fall 2019

Volume 7 | Number 1


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Looking Back Giving Back
Looking Back, Giving Back

One of alumnus Irwin Federman’s main concerns is that Brooklyn College students should have the same opportunity he had to earn their degrees. With his wife Concepción’s encouragement, the couple is helping to give a new generation of students a chance.

Literary Lights
Literary Luminaries
“There is something quite powerful about having a creative writing program in a city, and a borough, with such a vibrant literary scene and such a storied literary history,” says Helen Phillips, “but on a campus like Brooklyn College—which has a feeling of serenity and intimacy, and is somewhat removed from the sometimes frenetic energy…
On Writing and Their Latest Books
On Writing and Their Latest Books
Helen Phillips’ The Need finds Molly, a paleobotanist and mother of two, in a fight to protect her children from a foe who is both terrifying and shockingly familiar. Called at once a thriller, science fiction, and a literary novel, the book resists categorization. “There are a lot of genres I’m borrowing from,” says Phillips…

Bright Lights

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Faculty Expert: Ken Gould
Faculty Expert: Ken Gould

On the Importance of a Humanities Education in a Changing World

Research and Discovery
Research & Discovery
When an asteroid struck Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out the entire dinosaur population, it paved the way for the emergence of mammals. Brooklyn College Assistant Professor of Anthropology Stephen Chester was a key collaborator in a groundbreaking discovery of thousands of exceptionally preserved animal and plant fossils from the critical first million…
Igniting the Creative Spark
Igniting the Creative Spark

Through her fellowship program, Florence Cohen Rosen ’59 helps inspire students to design projects that will give them unique real-world experiences and set them on their career paths.


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The Year in Review

Photo Album
Photo Album

The tale about the Vanguard, the Brooklyn College student newspaper of yore, getting its charter revoked back in 1950…