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Volume 7 | Number 2

Brooklyn College Magazine
Volume 7 | Number 2
Fall 2020

Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889
© 2020 Brooklyn College

Michelle J. Anderson

Anne Lopes

Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Todd Michael Galitz

Assistant Vice President, Communications and Marketing
Mara McGinnis

Director of Communications and Marketing
Anita Bulan

Audrey Peterson

Senior Staff Writer
Jamilah Simmons

Contributing Writers
Rich Pietras
Martin Johnson

Art Director
Lisa Panazzolo

Graphic Designer
Paul Gagner ’09 M.F.A.

Digital Content Producer
Charles Leon Thompson

Digital Content Editor
Stephen Garone ’90

Staff Photographers
David Rozenblyum ’07
Craig Stokle

Contributing Photographer
Salim Hasbini ’11

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